Popping up at The Drake General Store in Toronto

Popping up at The Drake General Store in Toronto

Hi there! Thrilled to meet you.

My name is Allison Asis, founder, designer & maker (currently a one-woman show!), of Toronto-based & handmade jewelry line, Cadette Jewelry.
Ever since I was a child, I had a deep connection to various forms of art and the endless ways they enabled creative spirits to express themselves. My adolescent years consisted of my own exploration of numerous crafts - from sketching, to painting, to the ways in which I dressed and adored fashion. In my early 20s, I started a fashion blog to showcase daily outfits and style trends that I admired. During that time, I eventually discovered a yearning to create something tangible to share with the world. So in 2015, I began to make simple jewelry, mainly with bead & chain.

As my taste and aesthetic preferences evolved, the desire to align my designs with this new vision grew, as well. I immersed myself in various courses to adopt more sophisticated jewelry making techniques to elevate Cadette Jewelry into the timeless luxury line it is today.

These past years of hard work & development within the craft have culminated into the creation of Cadette Jewelry's latest collection: Sculptura. This new range embodies my undying love for 20th century art, and the ways in which their abstract forms appear animated and life-like. Each Sculptura piece is handmade in sterling silver, with an organic feel that is timeless yet whimsical, and designed to be an extension of its wearer. I hope you find the piece that you connect with, and that it becomes a true expression of your creative spirit.





Cadette Jewelry is an exclusively limited range of handmade pieces by yours truly, that sell online (here), and at select boutiques and artisan markets around Toronto.




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