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Allison Asis

Wearing the Cara Choker

Wearing the Cara Choker

I've been reflecting a lot this month on the many small but significant milestones that Cadette has experienced this past year as I start to gear up for another big step, taking me Brooklyn, NY.

About a year and a half ago, Cadette Jewelry gradually began to sell on Etsy, as well as to family and friends, but I knew straight away that I wanted to connect with more fashionistas and potential clientele around the city, and introduce them to Cadette. The Parkdale Flea was the first platform that allowed me to interact with new faces. It was my first time being able to witness girls and women beam as they browsed, touched, and tried on their favourite Cadette pieces. These moments fueled me to expand the collection and build Cadette's identity on and off-line.

Additional projects have allowed me to experiment and grow creatively, from spending hours in weekly workshops learning new metal techniques, to designing custom collections for weddings and bridal parties. Also, the launch of Cadette's new website was a long creative process that was worth every step.

Fast-forward to the present. I'm excited to be participating in my fourth Parkdale Flea on July 12th. It's truly a blessing for Cadette to continue to be a part of events that drive awareness and support of local designers & artisans around the city. I will be showcasing new Cadette Jewelry that will be added to the website after the flea. So if you'd like to have a peak and possibly get your hands on brand new pieces, come out and say hello :)

Thank you all for your continuous support! Brooklyn, I will see you soon...

XO, Ally