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Introducing: The Braque Cuff


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Introducing: The Braque Cuff

Allison Asis

I am often asked where I find inspiration behind the designs for Cadette Jewelry, so I thought I would share that here. I can credit a lot of the overall aesthetic of the line to my travels thus far: the cultures, energies and raw styles I've been fortunate enough to experience. During my past trips to Amsterdam & Berlin, for instance, I discovered this understated cool-factor, effortlessness to pushing the boundaries, and honesty to their creative edge. It was something I admired and hung on to straightaway, allowing it to completely influence my design process from there on out.

Moreover, I can also attest to the fact that most of the distinct & unique shapes that you can spot throughout the line are inspired by artists & artwork that I've greatly admired for as long as I can remember, some of the usual suspects being: Henri Matisse, Ellsworth Kelly, Georges Braque, Josef Albers. As well as the architectural greats like Jean Prouvé, Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, etc.

I had a revelation the other week with the immediate desire to create pieces that paid homage to these artistic leaders who have always inspired me. I find myself digging through their notable as well as more 'hidden' or underrated pieces, constantly in search of the ex factor within their work that will literally stop me in my tracks (or researching). I'll then focus on that singular element, sketch it in my book, and then determine how best to create my own version of it into a new piece, and get to work; that is how the Braque cuff  came to be. 

I'm so excited about the new Braque cuff for numerous reasons. First, seeing and feeling something come to tangible fruition, when it was initially just a mere concept in your head, is definitely one of the most gratifying feelings. Second, I had been so drawn to Georges Braque's painting, "La Liberté des mers," 1959 (see below), for months now, where he created 3 organic, oval-like shapes. I immediately knew that I wanted to create a standout piece that re-introduced this shape, while remaining aligned with Cadette's signature simplicity, and I feel that the final result achieved just that. 

And here she is. The Braque cuff  that is now available in brass or sterling silver. As always, the piece is made to order. Each oval shape is sawed out by hand (yours truly), therefore, no two will be the exact same. Its wearer is hopefully fond of the fact that their specific piece is unlike any other! 

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Georges Braque, La Liberté des mers, 1959.

Georges Braque, La Liberté des mers, 1959.