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In Their Likeness

Allison Asis

As a jewelry designer, one of the most thrilling aspects is seeing something you've created being worn by another, and recognizing that the piece has truly become a part of them, an extension of their personality, in a way. The sentimentality jewelry holds, often with its wearer never wanting to take their piece off, is one of the reasons I got into the art of jewelry to begin with. I'm drawn to its longevity & permanence. 

When approached with a request to create something custom or bespoke, it's safe to say I jump at the opportunity. It's a chance to craft something truly unique, yet still within the brand's aesthetic, to fulfill the desires of an individual looking for something to compliment their particular style, personality, etc.

Two good friends of mine, Jacqlyn and Vanessa, incredibly beautiful & talented twin sisters, requested two sterling silver rings that bore similarities, but were ultimately different with their own special characteristics. I instantly loved the fact that this pair of rings would represent the same sentiment of their nature as twins - identical, yet still very much with their own aura. Above are images of them each wearing their final rings.
Jac's ring resembles a watchful eye, and Vanessa's ring is similar to the Isla necklace, but with the arch flipped around, and with an Opal. The wideness of the silver gives off a certain boldness, which they both very much possess, but each overall shape & form speaks to their individuality, a subtle extension of who these amazing women are.