CADETTE x Of a Kind

CADETTE x Of a Kind

I couldn’t be more excited to share CADETTE’s collaboration with the one & only Of a Kind. I’ve been a huge fan of Of a Kind’s vision, values & platform for so many years, and thus had many pinch me moments while this project with them slowly came together.

During the early stages of the design process for this special piece, earlier this year, my first thought was: this one will be striking in its simplicity – along with CADETTE’s signature ‘organic touch’ that reflects my connection to, and love for modern art & sculpture’s greats such as Jean Arp, Isamu Noguchi, and more.

Without further ado, I’m thrilled to share the Ebb and Flow studs – earrings made solely for my first edition with Of a Kind, now available to shop with only 30 pairs!

For the original prototype, I hand-carved each piece by hand from wax (as part of my wax casting process), keeping in mind some of my favourite sculptures that are known for being stripped down, simplified, and symbolic of movement and motion.

I found Ebb and Flow to be the perfect name for the pair because, if you’ve been following CADETTE for some time, you know how I constantly aim to create pieces that depict the journey of womanhood – with its trials, tribulations, ups, downs, and ever-evolving course. And finding the honest beauty amidst it all.

The Ebb and Flow studs were thoughtfully designed to represent just that. I hope that you love them!

Shop the Ebb and Flow studs, here.

And check out my brief interview with Of a Kind where I discuss my favourite 20th-century sculptors and how they’ve influenced my work, here.


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