She is Confident
She is Confident
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She is Confident

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One of twelve available 'SHE IS' sets – a collaborative project with artist, Oksana Berda.

This set contains:

  • Cadette Jewelry's new Female Form necklace: each pendant is handmade in polished brass with a 14-kt gold filled chain (18 inches)
  • A 4x6" one-of-a-kind painting by Oksana Berda

(Necklace is handmade to order. Please allow for 2-3 weeks to ship)

About the SHE IS collaboration:

Allison Asis of Cadette Jewelry & mixed media artist, Oksana Berda share similar ideals and values as female creatives – both recognize that the exchange of empowerment and love amongst women is paramount in today's society.

Together, they created their SHE IS project – a release of 12 exclusive 'sets' that hold a signature piece from each of them. Each set is titled with a unique attribute or sentiment to support one's dreams and goals. Wear the necklace to empower yourself, and put the painting in your home as a visual cue of support for your journey of personal growth. 

Each set is $150 CAD total ($200 CAD value)*.

*12 Female Form necklaces will be pre-released for this collaboration. The piece officially launches in March 2018 at $155 CAD.