WORKSHOP: Make Your Own Nature-Inspired Necklace

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WORKSHOP: Make Your Own Nature-Inspired Necklace

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Join me for this unique Workshop Experience where you will:

 Make your own custom necklace to wear and cherish forever
✽ Learn the inspiring 'wax sculpting' approach to jewelry-making
✽ Gather and connect with like-minded individuals

You will be guided and led by Cadette Jewelry founder and designer, Allison Asis, within the stunning Sol Atelier loft in Toronto.

October 22, 2022, 12 to 4pm
Sol Atelier, 52 St. Lawrence St (#113), Toronto


  • Event flow: meet & greet intro, overview of the 'lost wax casting' method of jewelry-making, warm-up and practice period, a break for drinks & snacks (provided for attendees), the workshop: make your custom pendant, final wrap-up. 
  • Maximum of 5 spots available so I can give each of you personalized guidance with your designs 
  • Beginner-friendly! Whether you're completely new to, or familiar with jewelry-making, all are welcome
  • You'll be given the guidance, tools and template to cut-out and mold the wax prototype for your own custom pendant (1 pendant, up to 20x20mm). NOTE: the templates will be of Nature-Inspired pendants, however, if you'd like to make something different, please email me at to confirm the design you have in mind
  • Your final necklace (with chain), in your choice of sterling silver or gold vermeil, will be mailed to you after the workshop
  • The $250 registration price includes all: full event + workshop, the production of your finished wearable piece with added chain, packaged and shipped directly to you



Along with creating your own Nature-Inspired necklace, the event is designed to spark a sense of community and connection amongst our intimate-sized group of attendees.

The Workshop:

  • I will teach you the easiest approach, and most fun part of the 'lost wax casting' method of jewelry-making. This has been one of the signature methods for creating Cadette's artful designs
  • After the workshop, I will cast / convert your wax prototype into the polished and finished wearable piece, in your choice of sterling silver OR gold vermeil, add a chain, package and ship it to you (approx. 4 weeks after the workshop). 

✽ My hope is that you'll create a personal talisman or heirloom that honours this current season of your life, or that you can gift to a loved one.

Once you've registered, you'll receive an email reminder one week before the workshop with final details on venue access.
Any questions? Email me at


Q: Is this beginner-friendly?
A: Yes! I will be showing you the easiest, and most fun way to hand-sculpt your own pendant in jeweller's wax (as part of the 'lost wax casting' approach to jewellery-making). This is a method I'm so passionate about – and what has been the foundation for some of Cadette's most coveted, artful designs.

Q: Can my final piece be in silver or gold?
A: You can choose between having your final piece in sterling silver OR gold vermeil (14kt gold-plating over silver) – you can let me know which you prefer, during the workshop. The registration price is the same for either option.

Q: Are we doing the whole 'lost wax casting' process during the workshop?
A: No, we'll only be doing the 'fun' part of the process ;) Which includes: cutting-out your desired shape / form in jeweller's wax, then gently molding it by hand, i.e. subtle curves and details. But I will still explain a brief overview on what the full process entails. At the end of the workshop, I'll collect everyone's wax prototypes and have them casted / converted into the metal of your choice and polished to its final, wearable state. I'll add a chain to your pendants, and then mail it directly to you (approx. 4 weeks after the workshop). All of this is included in the registration price.

Q: Does my pendant have to be Nature-related? Or can it be anything I want?
A: You can certainly do another type of design that speaks to you and I'll do my best to guide you. Please email me your design idea before booking to confirm feasibility.