Meet the Founder & Designer

Allison Asis has created an artisanal jewelry brand for the modern and mindful woman —Cadette Jewelry. The line features heirlooms that are inspired by the natural world, the journey of womanhood, and modern art and design. Each piece is made to feel like a natural extension of the wearer as a form of self-expression, and to honour meaningful moments and milestones.

Cadette Jewelry is diligently handcrafted in Toronto, Canada by Allison and a small team of local artisans using traditional metalsmith techniques. From drafting sketches, to using the wax casting approach — the meticulous process creates intentional, quality pieces that you can feel proud to wear and cherish for life.

Allison credits her entrepreneurial spirit to her mother, Fay, who passed from cancer. It was from her mother that she gained an unwavering commitment to live each day with passion and purpose.


Allison takes pride in the handmade process involved in each Cadette piece. It is a critical approach that eliminates heavy waste and pollution that can otherwise result from machine-made jewelry. Moreover, Cadette's handmade-focused business model reduces the carbon imprint that large international import and export leaves on the planet.

Ultimately, crafting each piece by hand provides the entire line with an artisanal essence and soul that can’t be replicated in mass-produced items.