Hi there, thrilled to meet you!

My name is Allison Asis, Toronto-based jeweller & founder of Cadette Jewelry.

Ever since I was a child, I had a deep connection to various forms of art and the fulfilling ways they enabled me to express myself – dabbling in sketch, paint, sculpture and more. I eventually discovered a yearning to create something tangible & wearable to share with the world, and started to design jewelry in 2013.

My experience with the craft began as a self-taught endeavour, and quickly evolved once I immersed myself in courses to adopt more sophisticated jewelry making techniques. The past years of evolution as a metalsmith have culminated into Cadette Jewelry’s latest luxury collection, Sculptura. This range embodies my love for 20th century art & sculpture, and the icons of this era. I drew inspiration from the captivating ways that key artists made their abstract creations appear animated and fluid, yet purposeful as parts of everyday life & activity – from furniture, to architecture, to sculpture placed in parks & gardens. Each Sculptura piece is handmade in sterling silver, with an organic feel that is timeless yet whimsical, and designed to become an effortless extension of the wearer.

I hope you find the piece that you connect with, and that it becomes a true expression of your creative spirit.