Angelique Necklace — Aquamarine

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This Angelique Necklace features an enchanting Aquamarine gemstone that radiates with the soft shimmer of soothing energy. The majestic blue hue is an ode to Mother Nature, calling to mind serene whispers of the ocean, calming blue skies and cleansing swims. Find your flow with the sublime spirit of this magical stone and heirloom. 

This solid gold or silver piece is made to last forever. It is water and sweat-friendly, so feel free to wear it while bathing, swimming, exercising, and more; it'll maintain its pristine shine no matter where the days take you! 

  • 8x6mm pendant
  • diamond cut anchor chain
  • Genuine / natural Aquamarine gemstone
  • Model is wearing 16" length
  • Handmade in Toronto
  • SHIPPING TIME: Made-to-order. Ships in 3-4 weeks after your order is placed.
  • Photos show necklace layered with Petit Solis Necklace

More about Aquamarine 
An enchanting watery blue stone that is said by ancient lore to be the treasure of the mermaids. The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” Its colour is reminiscent of the beautiful shades of the Mediterranean ocean, and brings mental and emotional tranquility to its holder. Aquamarine has many healing properties, some include:

  1. Clear emotional blocks: if you are feeling any confusion around your emotions, place your Aquamarine piece under your pillow at night to bring insights through dreams or meditations while your conscious mind is at rest
  2. Invoke peace, protection and tranquility towards yourself and others: in ancient times, it was used to counteract negative forces and invite protection from spirits of pure light
  3. Tap into your intuition: Aquamarine helps you connect to your intuition and increase clairvoyance. Being a water gemstone, it clears and cleanses away any illusions that block us from moving forward with a resolute inner-knowing that all unfolds exactly as it should


Cadette FINE Collection —
This piece is part of the Cadette FINE collection: a curation of designs that are diligently crafted in solid gold or silver, using the finest metals and stones. Modern heirlooms for you to wear and cherish for life.