Ciel Moonstone Necklace

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The Ciel Moonstone Necklace is an ethereal heirloom, made to be an expression of your inner spirit. It features a majestic Moonstone that is set within an elegant. Each and every Moonstone is unique with its own variation of iridescence and light; a true reflection of nature's nuances that exist within and around us.

INSPIRATION: The Moon represents our ‘inner world’: hidden emotions, desires and shadow self. And so this necklace serves as a daily reminder to honour all aspects of yourself that make You whole: both the light and the shadow. And the importance of honouring the visions and dreams that you carry within.

    • 13x7mm pendant
    • Genuine Moonstone gemstone (6x8mm)
    • 18" anchor chain 
    • Handmade in Toronto
    • Photos show Ciel Moonstone Necklace layered with Solis Necklace, sold separately
    • SHIPPING TIME: made-to-order and ships in 4-5 weeks after order is placed.