Corazon Necklace No.2

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Corazon Necklace No.2 is an elegantly striking and unique piece. The heart pendant was hand-carved to exude a modernist aesthetic and has a beautiful weight and substance to it, and is paired with a sleek rounded box chain. A truly spectacular statement piece that expresses a love for modern design.

INSPIRATION: The Corazon Necklace expresses a beautiful harmony between the  Modernist and Art Nouveau styles – both of which I admire. Modernist’s minimalism and clean lines are expressed in the heart pendant, and Art Nouveau’s sinuous, organic curvature is depicted in the chain’s hook detail.

  • Sterling Silver
  • 16" rounded box chain
  • Heart pendant:
  • solid throughout
  • Heart pendant:
    • solid throughout
    • 20mm (l) x 5mm (w) x 15mm (h)
  • Handmade in Toronto
  • SHIPPING TIME: Ships within 10 days after order is placed.