Gaia Opal Necklace

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Cadette's signature Gaia Opal Necklace is a unique and modern heirloom that features a luminous marquise Opal. This naturally iridescent gemstone has the most enchanting array of speckling hues – look closer and you’ll discover a mini galaxy within each one.

INSPIRATION: The Gaia Opal Necklace is a celebration of Mother Nature — expressed through a signature silhouette that emulates a blooming form and awakening eye. The name is inspired by Gaia, goddess of the Earth in Greek mythology. It also draws from the Gaia theory, which honours the belief that all living things on Earth function harmoniously as one, and our planet alters and adapts in order to sustain all life.

Cadette FINE Collection —
This piece is part of the Cadette FINE collection: a curation of designs that are diligently crafted in solid gold and sterling silver, using the finest metals and stones. Modern heirlooms for you to wear and cherish for life.