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Join me on April 29th for Cadette's GODDESS GATHERING, an invigorating afternoon of movement, meditation, jewelry-making and more, for you to connect with, and embody your inner-goddess. Rooted in community, meaningful connection and creative expression, this holistic experience holds space for you to tap into your divine essence alongside like-minded souls.

This special gathering was made for you to lovingly recognize and celebrate the Goddess within you – heart-centered, limitless, free.


✽ Gentle yoga flow (beginner-friendly)
✽ Guided Meditation
✽ Group journaling & sharing circle
✽ Goddess pearl bracelet workshop (all tools & materials included)
✽ Community connection
✽ Chai by Spice Girl Eats + light snack

A gentle flow that invites you to tap into, and embody your inner-goddess. Linking breath with movement, we'll flow through poses that activate both your strength and sensuality. This practice is beginner-friendly, with encouragement to move intuitively and to honour your body and energy.

You'll be guided to create your very own Goddess Pearl Bracelet with a stunning array of genuine fresh water pearls and gold clasp. A timeless, handcrafted heirloom that you've made with love and intention, to cherish and wear forever, or gift to a loved one. All materials and tools included. 

April 29, 2023, 4 to 7pm
Oblong Yoga House, 56 Stewart Street, Toronto

Allison Asis, founder and designer of Cadette Jewelry, Cadette Studio Gatherings, and certified Yoga Instructor.

More about embracing the GODDESS WITHIN:
The energy of the Goddess (or Divine Feminine) exists within all of us. It's the energy of flow, of simply being and receiving, of having compassion towards ourselves and others, of embracing play, intuition and creative expression; it’s the frequency we experience when we’re following the wisdom and guidance of our heart.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are a pair, and every human being possesses both energies, because just like yin and yang, we need both to be whole and balanced as we move through life's journey. However, our modern society and culture largely focuses on our masculine aspect: logical, doing, producing, structure, controlling and assertive. And I’ve found that mindfully serving and cultivating the Divine Feminine within is a radical and transformative act, in the best of ways. Because the Divine Feminine light within us has been dimmed for so long, making time and space to tap into this side of ourselves is essential and immensely powerful – which I've experienced first-hand, and continue to, in my personal and professional life. It’s my mission to hold space and gatherings for this revival and flourishing to take place. And for each and every one of you beautiful souls to recognize and celebrate the Goddess within you: heart-centered, limitless, free.

I hope you'll join me.