Dani Reynolds x CADETTE

Some of the most fulfilling experiences I've had throughout my CADETTE journey thus far have included meeting and connecting with fellow creative women in Toronto & beyond. And I am so grateful for the rare opportunities that we get to collaborate on something special. 

This recent work by art director / object stylist / set designer (yes, she is an incredible a multi-talented woman!), Dani Reynolds, is one of the most meaningful projects brought to fruition with CADETTE, to-date. I'm always so inspired by other mediums that artists use to express their vision and talent. So it came as no surprise when Dani's unique creations left me speechless as soon as she shared them with me.

I hope you enjoy this visual series by Dani – who truly captured the spirit and essence of the brand through multiple stunning set designs featuring her CADETTE pieces:

CADETTE pieces featured:

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