HER EVOLUTION | Jillian Katz

The HER EVOLUTION campaign features inspiring women in the community who each share a personal experience that has influenced their evolution and growth. This project celebrates continuous change and transformation — an essential rhythm of life that is universal to us all.


Toronto-based service designer and creative director

"‘They’ say your body is a temple. Mine is a cage of iron thorns soldered shut—at least, that’s how it feels to live in a body with endometriosis. 

Have you ever been in so much pain that you lose your sense of reality? Am I really feeling what I’m feeling, is my own body really doing this to me? My most profound evolutions happen through this pain. 

Please don’t get the wrong idea: there is nothing about this that I enjoy—I don’t wish it on anyone. But I’ve been blessed with this curse and so I’ve learned to take it in stride (and with humour whenever possible).

Amidst the torture that my body serves up daily, I’ve discovered my capacity to thrive in the face of anguish. It’s far beyond anything I imagined. 

This is my newest learning: chronic, progressive illness means celebrating the mundane with rigour (who knew one could rigorously celebrate? Love this for me!).

I treat my body like a temple, even if she isn’t quite built to spec. My body and I, we’re evolving together."

— Jillian Katz

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