HER JOURNEY | Kathleen

I am so very grateful and honoured to have connected with Kathleen B. over the years. She is not only a longtime supporter and client of Cadette's, she is a woman that I have admired from afar for quite some time. Even though we have yet to meet in-person, I constantly feel a genuine kindness, love and strength that emanates from her with every exchange we've had to-date. 
I am thrilled to now share this special interview feature, where we discuss Kathleen's sources of inspiration, rituals of self-care, favourite Cadette piece, and more:

1.      In your own words – who is Kathleen and what is your ‘mission’ in this current season of your life?

 I am a loyal friend and family member, and an extremely proud mother.  This season of my life is providing me with the freedom to say what I think and to pursue meaning and fulfillment through how I choose to spend my time.


2.      What has been a significant source of inspiration for you recently?

I have been inspired by the life-long learning I have witnessed within my own family, my children, and my circle of friends.  In particular, my 85-year-old father continues to surprise me with his desire to learn, lending me books on incredibly diverse subjects. 

3.      What rituals or activities of self-care bring you joy and inner peace?

For many years now I have accessed guided meditations, which have helped me to accept and appreciate all aspects of myself.  I also began ballet lessons, as an adult, over 20 years ago.  While I will never achieve any level of expertise, it does bring me joy to keep trying to improve.  Another type of self-care I practice is deciding the night before which outfit I will wear the next day.  This ritual includes choosing pieces of jewelry, most often from Cadette.


4.     Can you share a book, podcast, show or film that has resonated with you recently?

“They Called Me Number One” is a non-fiction book written by Bev Sellars, a survivor of the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School.  While this is not the book I have read most recently, it continues to resonate with me, as I try to define or discover my personal role within the context of Truth and Reconciliation.


5.      Which of your Cadette pieces is your favourite, and why?

I am lucky to have acquired many Cadette pieces, either through purchasing gifts for myself, or by encouraging family members to purchase them for me!  Every day I wear my Gaia ring and my Eos diamond ring.  However, my current favourite piece is my Corazon necklace.  I love the sculpted shape of the heart, and find myself reaching for it throughout the day, as a sort of touchstone.  The smoothness of the shape provides a calming effect for me.