HER JOURNEY | Victoria Sequeira

I first met the immensely talented Vic in early 2022, during what felt like the 'calm after the storm' of the pandemic. My home and heart were yearning for a piece of artwork that would brighten my world, inside and out. I had never owned an original painting before, and told myself for years that I would continually wait until I found "the" piece that I felt a deep resonance with. Cue: Victoria Sequeira – it was truly destiny that brought me to her Instagram page, where I was instantly awe-struck by her vision and talent. I took to her website and came across a striking piece entitled, "Divine Energy", and I just knew. It was the one. This majestic painting now hangs in my living room (photo below), and I can attest: this sublime piece brightens my world every. single. day. And reminds me of the boundless divinity that exists within all of us.

Victoria Sequeira is a self-taught and self-represented artist whose work focuses on the intersection of beauty and ugliness in the human experience. Working primarily with acrylic medium, she captures the complex and often contradictory aspects of the human condition.


I had the honour of photographing Vic for this special Cadette Journal interview. We spent an afternoon of nourishing conversation, collaboration and creative expression. And I'm so honoured that she generously opened up about her journey to-date:

1. In your own words – who is Victoria Sequeira in this current season of your life?

V: This one threw me for a loop. I think as the seasons have shifted from summer to autumn, the seasons of my life kind of followed suit — it feels as if I’m entering into a new phase… I’m very excited about it. I definitely had an “existential” summer, hearing that may sound ridiculous but I did a lot of internal work; although I’m thankful for it, I’m *very* happy to move past it. In this season of my life I’m being radically curious. I’m taking more risks than I ever have, trying so many new things and seeing so many new places. The past couple of years have been about taking myself and life way less seriously and I feel more like myself now than I ever have. I think another big theme of this season is connection — connecting with more creatives, building new friendships, and really nurturing the relationships I have within my circle of beautiful people.

2. Three words to describe your journey as a visual artist, to-date?

V: Terrifying, liberating and ever-changing

Top: Calla Lily Necklace, Bottom: Koi Ring, Mizu Bracelet, Divina Necklace

3. What has the medium or modality of painting taught you about yourself or the world around you?

V: Honestly, I’ve been able to identify some of my biggest flaws and negative behaviours through my craft, but I’ve also been able to see some of the most beautiful parts that make me so in love with who I am. My work is quite heavily informed by the internal and external journeys of not only myself but also the people around me and I think this has really opened my heart and mind in a way that I think otherwise might’ve taken longer had I not been an artist. Generally, artists have a very special way of seeing and processing the world around us, it seems to be innate in every creative I meet.

Script Letter Necklace and Pearl Trio Necklace

4: A recent experience that you’re extremely proud of

V: Non-work related, but I’ve been learning more Portuguese to be able to communicate better with family members and friends. I’m awaiting my citizenship for Portugal, so in the meantime I need to do a lot of learning and practicing — my goal is to be fluent by the time my card comes in.

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