Cadette Jewelry is a Filipina-Canadian owned small business. And as Filipina-Canadian women that are constantly uncovering more about our roots and how they inform both who we are today, and how we aim to evolve and show up in the world moving forward, we often look to fellow Filipinas and how they use their innate gifts and talents to express their personal journeys and passions, as well.

When we see Filipina women standing in their truth as they share their work and vision with the world, we feel all the more empowered to continue striving to do the same.

With this in mind, we wanted to shout out and celebrate some of the Filipina artists and creators in the local community that we admire immensely. Ladies, we honour and hold space for you, always.

— Allison Asis and Abi Lomboy
Cadette Team

Rosalie Villanueva / RZY

Rzy (pronounced “Rosie”) is the Toronto-based floral studio and creative practice of Filipina artist, Rosalie Villanueva. Her imaginative and contemporary approach to floral design brings to life masterpieces that are inspired by sculpture, architecture, and the seasons. Rosalie also describes herself as “Chaotic Good” as she is passionate about using her platform to amplify BIPOC communities, and educate about anti-racism and decolonization.


Tamara Alissa / Solem

Solem Ceramics are sculpted with soul and intention by Tamara “Solem” Al-Issa, an Arabic-Filipina multidisciplinary artist with a main focus on pottery and ceramics. Her work embodies a raw and natural spirit and authenticity as a nod to the materials and methods that her ancestors would have used. It’s inspiring to admire her range of work and note a distinctly ‘Solem’ signature throughout.



Abby Albino / Makeway

A space for sneaker and streetwear culture for women, by women. Co-owned by Abby Albino, a Toronto-Filipina powerhouse, creates a space for female streetwear enthusiasts and for showcasing local, women-owned brands. Abby Albino and her partner Shelby Weaver go beyond retail and put a strong emphasis on community building. Makeway is a product of positive progress in the women's streetwear industry. Alongside Makeway, Abby Albino is a representative of Rise Tribe, a community organization that aims to give power and influence the generation of Filipinx-Canadian leaders. / @abbyalbino


Esther May Esquivel

Esther May Esquivel is a Toronto-based Filipino artist who delves into acrylics, oil paintings, ceramics, and tattooing. Her colours and patterns are inspired by her vivid childhood memories of growing up in the Philippines and her experiences as a Filipina in the diaspora. Her work uses many lines, patterns, and textures while incorporating Filipino motifs and influences.


Ilona Fiddy

Filipina multi-disciplinary artist Ilona Fiddy creates intentional and intricate tattoos as armour and adornment, telling a life story that speaks to generations. Her inspiring work focuses on the exploration and reclamation of Filipino tattooing traditions and approach, and to promote handpoke tattoo and Philippine aesthetics from a decolonized perspective.


Quenna Sunio

Quenna Art presents the beautiful paintings created by Toronto-based Filipina artist, Quenna Sunio. She translates her emotions and experiences into something physical by maneuvering light and shadow through texture. Inspired by natural and organic elements, simplicity and comfort, her textured works connect earth to structure.


Sean Blishen / Kilig Candle Co.

Kilig Candle Co. is a candle and skincare company based in Vancouver and led by Sean Blishen. The brand's foundation and values are inspired by Sean's Filipino heritage and her Canadian West Coast upbringing. The word “kilig” is a word in Tagalog that expresses the inexplicable joy of love, romance, and excitement. Using sustainable, all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Kilig Candle Co. provides a self-care regime for everyday living. They also give back to impoverished children in the Philippines in partnership with Canadian non-profit, Adhika. Everything about this company makes us feel super kilig!



Abi Lomboy

Abigail Lomboy is a multi-disciplinary creative based in Toronto. She also joined the Cadette team this past Spring as the Digital Coordinator, and I am so deeply grateful to have her by my side.

Abi’s inspiring roster of evolving work spans photography, videography, writing, and more. Her photography explores identity, anatomy, spirituality and our innate connection to Nature. In 2020, Abi wrote and released a book entitled, ‘I am Deserving’, which holds 365 poems (written every day, for a year). The collection of reflective poetry showcases Abi’s personal journey of moving through hardship and pain, to a place of love, understanding and trust.


Allison Asis / Cadette Jewelry

Yours truly, founder, artist and designer behind Cadette Jewelry: a soulful brand of handmade heirlooms that are inspired by the journey of womanhood, nature, and modern art. I continuously aim to create meaningful pieces that make women feel expressive, honoured and radiant in their power.
When I reflect on this entrepreneurial journey that began in 2014, I can confidently say that what motivates me to keep going every day is COMMUNITY: the incredible community and clients that proudly support, invest in, and wear Cadette, and the community of fellow women entrepreneurs and creators whose commitment to their vocations affirm that when we lead with love, kindness, passion and purpose, we uplift both ourselves and those around us.