At The Bench: Hoop Form Earrings

One thing I'm honestly obsessed with doing is taking quick snapshots throughout my handmade process of creating each Cadette Jewelry piece. My phone's photo album has what feels like a zillion identical-looking photos, due to this very fact. 

A general idea of what this looks like: 
I'll be sawing, filing, carving away at my wax or metal – hands or fingers indeed dirtry and dusty, but I'll have the sudden urges to grab my phone to take a few snaps. I simply can't help it. I LOVE the process and the gritty steps it takes to get to a flawless & fabulous piece.

Here's a curated selection of process pics that I took with my phone during the crafting of the Hoop Form Earrings.

The Hoop Form Earrings truly are an everyday staple, featuring Cadette's take on the classic hoop, with a subtle, sculptural spin.

Hope you enjoy this glimpse of the process!

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1 - Saw out design in wax
2 - Rough cut of wax form
3 - File & sand wax form
4 - Hollow out wax form
5 - Smooth & ready for casting
6 - Pieces casted in sterling silver
7 - Saw & file off excess metal
8 - Sand paper to smooth out metal
9 - Solder ear pick onto earring
10 - Soldered piece ready for final sanding
11 - Sanding interior details
12 - Post-polishing (with dusty fingers from compound)
13 - Final polished earrings
14 - Hoop Form earrings, worn!




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