At The Bench: Handmade Signet Ring

In this video, I share the beginning stages of my process when creating a new signet ring that features a unique a-symmetrical top! This involves first sketching out iterations of the ring's design, and once I feel confident in one of the sketches I've outlined, I then diligently carve out the wax form and get it ready to be casted into silver or brass. (watch the post-casting process here). 

One of the things about handmade jewelry that still leaves me speechless (and almost in tears of joy whenever I've just completed something- I'm serious!), is having this up-close & personal experience of taking a mere thought, and transforming it into something tangible, wearable, and to be cherished for life by someone. It's indescribable!

I hope you enjoy the video – it's an honour to be sharing the process with you. You'll get to see the final signet ring in an upcoming one!

P.S. I shared a sneak peak of the a-symmetrical signet in this recent Instagram post ;)



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