Art Inspired: The Lemon Earrings

If you've been tuned in to Cadette Jewelry for some time now, you've likely heard me share that my passion for modern art and design is one of the main influencers behind the majority of the line's designs, and the spirit of the brand, overall. Random fact: I was an art history major in university :-), and it was during this time that I truly immersed myself in, and gained in-depth knowledge, respect and admiration for the world of fine and modern art. 

This leads into my decision to share a series of very short, visual stories around the important artists and artwork that inspired pieces in the latest collection

I hope you enjoy them. And here is the first:

The Lemon Earrings:
Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's signature plant drawings.

Each of the Lemon Earrings is hand formed, so no two are the exact same – this captures the organic & irregular nature of fruit, as well as the gestural feel of Ellsworth Kelly's plant & fruit drawings. Below are a few of my favourites by him.

The first one, entitled, 'Grapefruit (Pamplemousse)' from 1964-6, was my main reference when creating the Lemon Earrings.

More on Ellsworth (1923-2015):

  • Considered one of the great American artists of the 20th century for his work in minimalist painting & sculpture
  • Began his series of plant drawings in 1964 which eventually became some of his best known abstract work
  • Referred to each plant drawing as an individual portrait that referenced a specific memory from his past
  • The plant studies are mainly contour drawings of leaves, stems & flowers done in clean strokes of pencil or pen –– they have a gestural feel as he drew these objects from memory

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