My Current Cadette Faves

I experience true elation whenever I put on my personal Cadette pieces. Each and every time, it sparks a moment to:

1. Be connected to the incredible women around the world who are also wearing these very pieces, feeling empowered and expressive through the design and meaning;

2. Reflect on how the pieces began as ideas and intention, and how they evolved into now tangible, wearable creations;

3. To celebrate my journey to-date, and be whole-heartedly grateful for all of YOU, the community that inspires me, daily.

As always, thank you for believing in me, and for making this dream a now purpose-driven reality.

In this blog post, I share my current Cadette favourites that I've been wearing continuously, with a full and joyful heart, knowing that many of you are out there, proudly wearing them, too.

Founder & Designer

1. Petite Form Necklace &
Angel Pearl Necklace No.1

2. Corazón Necklace


4. Butterfly Necklace 

5. Divina Necklace

5. Lucid Ring

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