One of the things I constantly discuss, especially in regards to my WHY behind Cadette Jewelry, is the concept and spirit of community.

That feeling of connection to another person, artist, collaborator, or supporter, to me, is one of the most, if not THE most powerful sources of motivation & inspiration when being an entrepreneur.
You straight-away discover that the relationships you build with those around you are invaluable, and that without them, you'd be missing an essential foundation that you just can't operate without.

One of the most amazing relationships I've had the pleasure of building within these past few years, is one with mixed media artist and friend, Oksana Berda


Oksana and I first met a few years back when she was managing the beautifully curated retail space within a Toronto-based yoga studio. She chose to take a chance on me and carry Cadette Jewelry in the shop. I soon after learned that Oksana was an incredibly talented and gifted artist. I was instantly in awe of her work. So much so that I purchased a painting from her which I now keep in my work space and is so so special to me.

Fast-forward to present day – I'm thrilled to acknowledge and appreciate that we've become great friends, sharing many common interests, dreams and experiences, both being artists and entrepreneurs.

We set out to bring a collaborative project to fruition – one that would highlight our unique crafts, while also serving to empower other women to embrace their individuality and personal journeys. This is how the SHE IS series came to be. 



The vision for the SHE IS collaboration series involved Oksana and I contributing each of our crafts in a single project to convey how unity & support are paramount to female bonds.
SHE IS is rooted in the importance of being aware of your special attributes, and having the support system to help embrace them.

With this in mind, Oksana and I created twelve original SHE IS 'sets,' each one holding  Cadette's handmade Female Form necklace, and a one-of-a-kind 4x6' painting by Oksana.

Each set is titled with a unique attribute, inviting you to select the one that resonates with you most, or that which you wish to gift to someone:
SHE IS.. free, confident, bold, peaceful, determined, grounded, loved, soft, motivated, joyful, incendiary, or remarkable
Wear the necklace to empower yourself, and put the piece in your home as a visual reminder to take pride in your ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth. 


Thank you sincerely for your ongoing support. It means the world to us, both!


B-T-S of the SHE IS Shoot:
Oksana and I created our own 'set' at my place to capture imagery.
The day was a ton of fun!

View the shoppable SHE IS series here

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