VIDA Series | Bliss Braoudakis

I have admired Bliss Braoudakis and her work from afar for quite some time now. Ever since first coming across her online portfolio by chance, I catch myself visiting her page on a frequent basis, sort of like checking-in, to ensure I'm up-to-date with her latest work, inspirations, and other tidbits she graciously shares with her audience. 

It's no doubt that the reason I was originally drawn to Bliss' work, was because of the inspiring manner in which she honours women & femininity through photography. Each and every photograph and subject is so singular and special in its own right, but at the same time, one can feel the common threads, throughout: honesty, vulnerability, and natural beauty, all shine through. Whether it be photos for Bliss's fashion and music clientele, captivating self-portraits, or memories from past travels, her film-focused range of work displays a consistent style and perspective that conveys people and moments in a truly soulful, genuine, and breath-taking light.

I reached out to Bliss to be a part of the VIDA Series, and am so grateful that she agreed. She opened up to share her insights on change and transition that she has recently encountered, both as a woman, as well as a photographer. And also touches on the direction in which she aims to continue to evolve, as time moves forward:

"I believe we all long for growth and familiarity within ourselves. Familiarity with one another. Each of us have a role to play on this planet. All of us are touched by mystery, slow days and discomfort. Some long for curated perfection, and others for an elusive life. Art serves as meditation to me, and helps navigate when my inner light feels dismal. When I think of art, I think of women.

As a photographer of 15 years, I have made myself responsible for creating images of natural beauty, but above all, compassionately seeing into the women I’m capturing through honest interaction. I’ve seen this unlock tightly locked doors and bloom into a beauty that needed to come back out. We must love each other better. To access the present moment, suspending ego, and to show up as the girl expecting nothing but the other's company. Imperfection is promised and it’s a beautiful thing to accept. We all have a blueprint in us to do better. This world is becoming unavailable to us because of our false familiarity with what it has served us. This year I’m working on letting go of my idea of perfection, being happy with being the one who feels more than most, and choosing to treat Earth and those on it greater." – Bliss

(All photos in this story are by Bliss Braoudakis. She is wearing the VIDA Necklace and Isla Ear Cuff).

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