HER EVOLUTION | Abigail Lomboy

"My evolution is ever-changing and ever-evolving
Who I am now was not who I was then, and will be different to who I will become. 

I am not one definitive thing. 

Rather, I believe that I am a delicate and intricate web of everything that I am

My evolution is being able to recognize that stagnation does not suit my idea of living. It’s understanding that it is beautifully freeing to accept that we are in a constant state of change. 

Similar to how the trees change through the seasons. 
Similar to how the moon changes phases. 
Similar to how the caterpillar evolves into a butterfly. 

Rather than fearing it, I’ve begun to embrace the transformation that is a part of the beautiful becoming. 

I am grateful that I have come to a place where I can be grateful for the now. 
Appreciate the becoming. 
While remaining hopeful for the future." 

Abi Lomboy