HER EVOLUTION | Yazmin Butcher

"Change is the only constant in life. I feel like over these past few months, my life has changed in so many heart breaking/warming/renewing ways. I left my comfortable 9-5 to make my dreams come true. I had an idea of what that would look like: non-stop work. But of course, that has not been the case. and I struggle with that. It’s not easy. I get distracted. I don’t want to do things, sometimes. And apparently, THAT’S OK.

I have found peace in allowing. And in letting go. (If I’m tired, you best believe I’m taking a nap or 2). I have fallen in love with *living* my life. Spending time with my friends. With myself. With my work. With nature. With catching up on @e4chelsea.

 Thank you Cadette Jewelry for this beautiful butterfly necklace that serves as an ode to our personal evolutions. ITS JUST THE BEGINNING ♥"