VIDA Series | Cynthia Nguyen

Introducing – The VIDA series; featuring real women who each share a story around an experience of change or growth that they recall, and how it was an important part of their growth along their journey.

Truth be told, I’m always nervous when asking someone to open up, be vulnerable and honest about real challenges they’ve come across. But I’m empowered to push beyond that initial feeling because I know these conversations are necessary to inspire and strengthen one another; we ultimately discover that we share so many more similarities in emotions, experiences, and moments of perseverance, than we realize.

The first of the series is Cynthia Nguyen. Cynthia is a Toronto-based designer & photographer of nearly a decade, to-date. I’ve been an admirer of Cynthia’s for many years now, and through this series, finally got the chance to connect in person and learn more about her. She is even more striking, smart & charismatic once you dive into a conversation with her, face-to-face. I’m grateful to Cynthia for sharing her experience with me:

“I once read: 'if you’re comfortable, you’re not growing — it takes courage to bloom..'

In my past, there were times where I devoted so much of myself in various relationships that I lost myself. I wasn’t giving myself time to explore, be passionate or creative, let alone meet others like myself. At those times, I felt motionless, and knew that if I wanted a change for the better, I had to catapult myself into uncomfortable situations — one time with no job, no plan and no place to live. In a few weeks, I managed to change my uncomfortable state by shifting focus onto my own achievements, fulfillment, and truly nurturing myself. I proved to myself that I have the ability and resilience to lead my life in the direction that I want to go, all while appreciating the process, even with the small imperfections along the way.” – Cynthia.

(Cynthia in the Vida Necklacean organic, blooming form to represent the beauty of continuous change and transition along one's life journey).