The Womanhood Necklace: Handmade Process

For those who have been following Cadette Jewelry on Instagram for some time, I'm sure you've seen my BTS process videos that I continuously share on IG Stories :-)

Highlighting the handmade process (and sincere love & diligence) that goes into creating each & every Cadette piece, is something I've become incredibly passionate about. Especially because of how much I value, and constantly question how and why things are made, as well. It's incredibly exciting to experience this collective growth of awareness and consciousness around the production of products – and I'm so thankful to have connected with amazing clients and followers of the brand that have a genuine love for the handmade craft. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!!!

And though I've got into the habit of capturing BTS videos as often as possible whilst making orders, I especially make sure that I do so when working on a new or custom design. Generally, this entails: yours truly eagerly propping up my iPhone on a handy tripod next to my work bench, and hitting record during each of the main steps throughout the process.

I had the absolute pleasure of being asked by a lovely friend to create a custom Vulva necklace for her – which I then entitled, the Womanhood Necklace. I got to work straightaway, which started off with: sketching ideas onto paper, then taking to wax (as part of the lost wax casting process) and carving out the initial prototype. I hope you enjoyed these brief clips that highlight how the Womanhood Necklace went from concept to fruition...

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