Hosting in-person gatherings has always been an immense passion of mine. Holding space for like-minded folks to come together in the spirit of community, collaboration and creativity is one of my heart’s callings, and I’m so grateful that Abi Lomboy (Cadette’s newest team member) shares this same vision, and together, we aim to do more of exactly that in the years to come.

In 2019, Cadette began to offer intimate dinner parties, panels chats, jewelry-making workshops, and more, under the "Cadette Studio" umbrella. But when the pandemic hit, the eventing momentum came to a halt. A silver lining of this digital era has been the ability to connect and network online, but I'm certain many of us are aware that nothing compares to that meaningful and unparalleled, in-person energy.

Fast-forward to the Fall of this year (2022). It's safe to say that my intuition sparked up – nudging to offer a hands-on, IRL experience. Which led us to reviving Cadette Studio again, and hosting a one-of-a-kind workshop that had been brewing in me for some time. On October 22nd, an intentionally small group of attendees joined us for the: "Make Your Own Nature-Inspired Pendant" workshop. This workshop consisted of: connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals, learning about the ‘lost wax casting’ method (my personal favourite approach to jewelry-making used for Cadette's most artful designs like the Female Form, Butterfly, Vida, and more), and of course, each attendee was instructed how to sculpt their own custom necklace pendant's prototype in jeweller's wax.

After the workshop, I collected everyone's prototypes and had them locally casted in silver or gold, polished and finished into a ready-to-wear state, and each attendee received their final necklace (with a chain) in the mail. 

Here's a recap of the workshop through photos, including everyone's custom pendant designs:

(side-by-side, from wax prototype to final necklace)

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